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Tips & Ideas For Preparing Your Wedding Budget

In the old days, it was always the responsibility of the father of the bride to pay for the wedding. Today, with families scattered and many people marrying multiple times or marrying later in life, this is rarely the case. Today, more and more couples are simply shouldering the cost of the wedding themselves.

Preparing your wedding budget is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Weddings in the United States can cost well over $20,000 – even with the best of planning. The areas of expense of a typical wedding consist of:

  • Invitations & Postage
  • Decorations & Flowers
  • Music & Photography
  • Gown & Tux
  • Reception

It’s easy to see that, if you don’t take great care in making budget-wise choices and planning each step of this important event, you could end up spending a significant portion of your married life struggling to pay for your wedding. Instead, begin planning early to be able to pay for your wedding with ease.

To avoid going into debt, it’s a good idea to spend some time preparing your wedding budget well in advance. To start off on the right foot, be sure to set aside some time to discuss the wedding expenses with your beloved. Create a wish list together that includes the features that are important to you together and separately. Do a little research to determine the costs of the features you desire and determine how you will gather the money to pay for them.

Set up a savings plan and agree upon the amount each of you will contribute. During the time between now and your wedding day, practice frugality, and don’t be shy about telling your friends and relations what you are doing and why. If you are asked to go on a trip, go out to an expensive dinner, etc., graciously decline because you are saving for your wedding.


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061909-dressStroll through your local thrift or consignment store and scan through the classifieds, and you’re likely to find a number of wedding dresses looking for a second chance to shine. And if you’re a bride on a tight budget, buying used might save you enough dough to allow you to splurge other places. Shop right — with these five tips — and be patient. Who knows what might come your way?

Would you consider buying a second-hand wedding dress?

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You’ve heard it before: if you want to save money on flowers, use in-season blooms. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you might think your choices are limited by the time of year. Luckily, you’re wrong! Lots of colorful flowersmums, dahlias, zinnias and marigold, for example — are available in vibrant colors perfect for an autumn celebration. And don’t forget popular wedding flowers like roses, calla lilies and orchids are available year round. Consider adding seasonal touches like leaves, berries or apples to your decorations.

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$1,000 a Head

High-end decorators compete every year in the Gala Awards, and one category caught our eye: Best Wedding, Budget $1,000 and Above Per Guest. (To be fair, there is also a category called “Best Wedding, Budget Under $1,000 Per Guest.”) But the thought of planning a wedding with a $1,000 per head cost, got us thinking. Can you imagine having that kind of a budget? Let your mind go crazy: what would you do if you could spend $1,000 per guest? If you need inspiration, check out the photo below; that’s last year’s winner. This year’s nominees will be feted at The Special Event tradeshow in January.

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Tough economic times dragging down your wedding planning? You’re not alone. Engaged couples everywhere are finding that their wedding budgets just aren’t stretching as far as they’d like. We’ve posted some tips at SoMdWeddings.com for getting the most out of your wedding dollar. (Like, get married on Friday rather than Saturday — hall rentals are usually cheaper!) You don’t need to give up your dream wedding plans, but you will need some extra creativity and flexibility.

Is the economy affecting your wedding planning? What are your creative coping strategies? Tell us in comments below!

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If you don’t have your tickets for our Fall Bridal Affair, here’s another reason to get them: every person who buys a ticket gets a certificate for up to $300 in gas rebates!

The gas rebates aren’t the only budget-buster at our show, which is Sept. 21 at Middleton Hall. Shelby Tuck-Horton, a master bridal consultant and owner of Exquisite Expressions & Events, will give a talk titled “Tips for Planning a Wedding in Today’s Economy.” She’ll help you keep your wedding dreams and stay within budget!

Lastly, what could help your budget more than free clothes? Our Grand Prize winner will get a wedding dress and attire for her groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can’t win if you’re not there!

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Would you take on sponsors to help offset the cost of your wedding? You don’t have to go all Star Jones on your day — getting corporate sponsors for everything and turning the day into a spectacle — but a little creativity might help you with a tight budget.

Take bride-to-be Kelly Gray of Virginia Beach. She and her bridesmaids saw all the odd things for sale on EBay and thought, “Why not a bridesmaid?” They put the listing up at a penny, promising attire for the winner, and kept their expectations low. When the bidding closed — at $5,700 — a bidder named “drpeppersnapple” had won.

That’s right — Dr. Pepper soda will be Gray’s bridesmaid.

Actually, the company will provide beverages for the wedding and choose someone to be her bridesmaid. (Gray and her bridesmaids are hoping for Ellen Degeneres.) They’ve also donated $10,000 toward the cause.

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