Although every bride wants professional photographs to record every moment of her wedding, it’s important to not have a flash going off every two seconds during your ceremony. Most professional photographers have equipment that doesn’t require them to utilize bright streams of light. However, your well-meaning relatives might think that it’s alright for them to pull out their point and shoot and snap away. If you’d rather not have these distractions, you might want to put a request in your program for guests to not take flash pictures during the ceremony. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your wishes. After all, it is your day.


 Many brides have decided to stray from the typical favors and offer a candy buffet instead. Rather than buying each guests a favor, you can purchase large amounts of candy for guests to place inside bags or boxes to take home. Everyone loves sweet candy and will enjoy being able to customize their gift. Scatter some flower petals or jewels around the bowls of candy to add texture and color.

Once you’ve been pronounced as man and wife, it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family. Even though you want your best man and maid of honor to share their feelings during the toasts, you don’t want them rambling on for an hour about what an animal you were in college. It’s a good idea to give a time limit prior to the reception to whomever are giving toasts. This will prevent all of your guests from staring at their watches, waiting desperately for the person to stop speaking.

In today’s world, it’s so easy to become an “ordained minister” over the internet which gives just about anyone the right to preside over weddings. However, committing your life to someone is a serious event. Most brides and grooms prefer to have their pastor, rabbi or priest perform the ceremony since they have a personal connection. For those who aren’t affiliated with any religion, they sometimes choose to use the officiate provided by the venue or have a close friend who’s been ordained take on the responsibility.

In years’ past, grooms’ cakes were often very unusual as brides seemed to try harder and harder to shape cake into something special to the groom. While this is a great gesture, a large fish, mug of beer, favorite football player’s helmet or poker table can be extremely expensive to have custom-made. Most bakers can pull off such a feat but must pour hours of hard work and creativity into it. Another option is to purchase a cake in the groom’s favorite flavors that is beautifully designed. He’ll still appreciate your gesture since he might not like the raspberry filling you chose for the main cake.

 Will you let your husband-to-be go tux shopping without you? If you honestly don’t care if he winds up in a suit from the 70’s or in something that completely clashes with the colors of your wedding, then go for it. While there are a few grooms who have fabulous taste and would do a great job solo, most need the guidance of their bride. It is wise, however, to let him decide some aspects or make the final choice out of the top three you select together. This way he feels in control and proud of his wedding day attire.

In today’s world where so many things that used to be on paper have become digital, a guest book with hand-written signatures seems outdated. However, having actual autographs of those who attended the best day of your life can be very personal and meaningful. Some brides realize that certain people attended their wedding and they didn’t even know until they review the guest book. Even though this memorabilia will probably get stored in a hope chest, attic or box under the bed, it will be great to relive the moments with your husband on your first anniversary.  Fast forward 20 or 30 years and your daughter or future daughter-in-law will thrill at the opportunity to see the real signatures in their parents or in-law’s guest book.