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We want to know! Share your boards with us. Although not explicitly designed for weddings, users have carved out quite a niche on Pinterest for just this purpose. Pinterest makes it easy to save your favorite centerpieces, suits, dresses, floral arrangements and more for later – comparing notes with other couples and building your wedding socially. Check out one of our sister website’s Pinterest Boards: http://www.pinterest.com/abeachwedding.


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Tips & Ideas For Preparing Your Wedding Budget

In the old days, it was always the responsibility of the father of the bride to pay for the wedding. Today, with families scattered and many people marrying multiple times or marrying later in life, this is rarely the case. Today, more and more couples are simply shouldering the cost of the wedding themselves.

Preparing your wedding budget is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Weddings in the United States can cost well over $20,000 – even with the best of planning. The areas of expense of a typical wedding consist of:

  • Invitations & Postage
  • Decorations & Flowers
  • Music & Photography
  • Gown & Tux
  • Reception

It’s easy to see that, if you don’t take great care in making budget-wise choices and planning each step of this important event, you could end up spending a significant portion of your married life struggling to pay for your wedding. Instead, begin planning early to be able to pay for your wedding with ease.

To avoid going into debt, it’s a good idea to spend some time preparing your wedding budget well in advance. To start off on the right foot, be sure to set aside some time to discuss the wedding expenses with your beloved. Create a wish list together that includes the features that are important to you together and separately. Do a little research to determine the costs of the features you desire and determine how you will gather the money to pay for them.

Set up a savings plan and agree upon the amount each of you will contribute. During the time between now and your wedding day, practice frugality, and don’t be shy about telling your friends and relations what you are doing and why. If you are asked to go on a trip, go out to an expensive dinner, etc., graciously decline because you are saving for your wedding.


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 Giddy with joy from just marrying the man of your dreams, travel to your reception in style by selecting a gorgeous limo or classic car. Not only will you look great, it will give you and your new husband a few moments alone before facing all of your guests who are ready to party. Even though you are excited to celebrate with friends and family, a few quiet minuets with your groom are priceless.

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  Your wedding bands are much more than just pieces of jewelry you wear every now and then to go with an outfit. These pieces of gold or silver represent your commitment to each other that you will be one unit for the rest of your lives. Considering what a deep meaning that carries, be choosy when selecting wedding rings. Some men don’t care, while other grooms want to be involved. Ask your husband-to-be his preference.

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 Even though we live in a very modern society, where male celebrities sport clothing that appear very feminine, your groom might not be as inclined to do so. If your colors incorporate pink, it’s a good idea to ask your husband-to-be’s opinion before you order a boutonniere in that color. Some men will go along with whatever makes their bride happy, while other traditional grooms will not budge when it comes to pink.

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Although every bride wants professional photographs to record every moment of her wedding, it’s important to not have a flash going off every two seconds during your ceremony. Most professional photographers have equipment that doesn’t require them to utilize bright streams of light. However, your well-meaning relatives might think that it’s alright for them to pull out their point and shoot and snap away. If you’d rather not have these distractions, you might want to put a request in your program for guests to not take flash pictures during the ceremony. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your wishes. After all, it is your day.

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Once you’ve been pronounced as man and wife, it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family. Even though you want your best man and maid of honor to share their feelings during the toasts, you don’t want them rambling on for an hour about what an animal you were in college. It’s a good idea to give a time limit prior to the reception to whomever are giving toasts. This will prevent all of your guests from staring at their watches, waiting desperately for the person to stop speaking.

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